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Quikwit Foundation

Founded in 2013 as a humble Voluntary Group with a group of volunteers, today Quikwit Social Welfare Foundation is a Non-Profit Company working across India and reaches out to numerous children, youth, and women. The foundation provides support to those who are in need to nourish their dreams!

Under the extraordinary leadership, Quikwit Foundation has successfully sponsored numerous projects including Scholarships to students and women, Free Solar study lamps, Free Notebooks and Yearly Bus Passes to rural and underprivileged girl students, Free Job Portal, Free Spoken English classes to visually impaired, Free Blankets and medicines to elders living in Old Age Homes, Tree plantation, Free Awareness and Medical camps in rural India. 

Eatsy® Foods

Founded in 2015, Eatsy Foods operates online/retail specialty restaurants and kitchen network where we give more emphasis on the food quality we serve rather than making profit.  Eatsy Foods has presence in over 4+ cities and is a specialist in catering corporate lunches. Eatsy is a registered trademark.  

Eatsy Foods and Quikwit Foundation has entered into a partnership for a noble cause to distribute FREE monthly meals to randomly selected individuals and orphanages. Long term goal of Eatsy is to feed every individual and ensure that nobody sleeps hungry. Though Eatsy Foods is a For-Profit institution, significant amount of profit generated and experience would be shared with the society for the betterment. Eatsy is expecting to cater over 30 cities and towns in the next 3 years. 

Empresa Fuerte Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Founded in 2011, a technology company, my very first venture as an entrepreneur, taught me wonderful lessons on how to operate business and manage people. Most of the time businesses fail, My first venture failed too. The lessons i learnt from my first failure paved me the way to what I am today. 

I ventured into Empresa citing a huge demand for software application development and along the way I lost the momentum and ended up with a loss making company. Though i implemented a series of strategies to turn the company around, it was too late already. My final turnaround plan was hardware! Initially business was picking up but couldn't break away from the loss loop. I dissolved the company & used my experience from the failure and ventured into Non-Profit sector.